Send me to Burning Man

I’ll never forget that starry night as the Giant Red Puppet rolled forward in anticipation. It was the dawn of the digital camera and we were there as it burned in the North Woods of Vermont in nineteen ninety whatever. Flames to the heavens.

Bread and Puppets since 1960.

An overnight in a hot, sandy environment would be a challenge to some of the peers peeking at that 401K every month. I hate the beach. Sunburns, salt and sand everywhere. Just for some visual baubles on social media. I am too old for that.

So no, I’m not scamming for a cheap thrill at Black Rock Nevada. I don’t have social media, it’s a one man show right now.

The calculated, optimal opportunity cost for one day is just under a grand. The minimum fee for one day in the ‘scrum’ set at 500. My coverage, your event. Does not include travel costs.

I will do your birthday party at cost, if it interested me. Any amount sent, gets you Premium Status. It kills me Ashely Martin makes 51K a month.

I could do Burning Man at cost for about 1500 from August 26th to August 28th. I’d take off the day it got started, but would find something or someone interesting before I left.

Minimize the baubles.

Donations soon, lol.

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