The Mission

“A worthwhile perspective from one small world and with people still in it.”

If you’re here, thank you. During the course of 2017 I’ve decided to blog again. It requires time and thought to do anything well. This year, I’ve been processing the Universe almost fifty years and still question how much I truly know.

Of course family and friends ought to be the bulwark of all the brief lives on Spaceship Earth, as Buckminster Fuller used to call it. It cannot always be. Our temporary squint into infinity might have occasional reflection on the big Inter-Mirror.  Assume no one is watching and aim for virtue, right?

My hope is that I can provide some level of thoughts and experiences that you can either relate to or be somewhat interested about.  Likewise, I continue to the cliche despite closer access to the Void, Learn and Seek. I hope to learn more about others before I can be self-assured in this extemporaneous morph. Send along something interesting for me to share, let’s see if we agree.

It’s not my full time gig. But, I’d like it to be. If publishers and editors become interested, I’m sure they’ll have boatloads of sway with me for the right price. However, I don’t expect it and encourage readers to fund the project.

As I step out into each experience, there’s a real cost and an opportunity one. A day’s honest wage for me can often exceed five-hundred dollars or simply go red with the self-employment blues.

At the end of each article I’ll be posting the actual cost and not the opportunity cost. Should readers be inclined to contribute towards it, it will only push and resolve the effort. Yeah, I see the hyper-wankers rolling their eyes about an unwinnable scheme. I get it.

Seriously, thank you – come have coffee or wine in the little red barn. If you’re from Colorado, Washington or Massachusetts, the border’s not safe.

Good Luck, Have Fun (GLHF).

Eric Sundwall (Model 67)