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Barbara Sitcer & Sandy Fix have been running Credible Cuts for three years at 911 Main St, Niverville NY. It’s three doors down from me. It was a great start for this little project. Don’t let that picture to your right fool you (see below), Barbara Sitcer gives a credible cut.  Turns out she started working for Scotti, my dead barber.

I was able to share a few memories with Barbara about my old barber as she put me in the seat and gave me a shampoo! Scotti once asked me if I washed my hair one of those visits. My affirmative might have been a white lie after a particularly long weekend. He washed my hair once (?) all those years. Most guys (that I know) don’t go for it. Here I am though going for it.

We’re both almost the same age and have two kids. As I sat in the cutting chair of their very cozy shop (a white walls and black leather vibe) and explained the closeness of the relationship with your barber. In this case, stylist? Fancy for me. I deserved it this visit. A new location (albeit three doors down) and feel.

We settled into an interesting conversation about the value of trades versus college nowadays. A real Mike Roe moment. Listened to a kid Rowe talked about once, a welder in North Dakota perhaps. He  made a one hundred dollars an hour and paid for his house with cash. She’s pleased her sons are both doing so well in life.

Barbara didn’t blow dry my cut as that first photo attests. I was self conscious enough tucking in front of the sign for the selfie at the beginning. I hate selfies, this is harder than I imagined. I’ll go back and see Barbara and Sandy again, even though I’m not big on little yappy dogs. I understand the old ladies probably love it.

That was about two weeks ago. I’m due for another cut soon.

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